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A high-performance numerical computing environment and language

Julia requires an environment module

In order to use Julia, you must first load the appropriate environment module:

module load julia

Julia is a high-level programming language which is designed for high performance numerical computing. It has a base library that contains a wealth of methods common to numerical computing and scientific/engineering applications. The language also has built-in support for parallel computing.

Using Julia on RCC resources#

To run Julia in interactive mode, type the julia command at the prompt and Julia console will appear. For detailed information about Julia usage, please refer to the official Julia documentation.

Submitting Julia HPC jobs#

Julia can be run in parallel on the HPC by submitting a job to the Slurm job scheduler.

The following shows a simple job submit script:


#SBATCH -n 4         # Instruct the scheduler to reserve four CPU cores
#SBATCH -A genacc_q  # For this example, we submit to the genacc_q Slurm account
#SBATCH -t 00:10:00  # Instruct the scheduler to reserve 10 minutes on the cluster

module load julia    # Load the Julia module

julia -p 4 TEST.jl   # Run Julia (notice that we supply `-p 4`; this should match the #SBATCH -n value above)