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A high-performance linear algebra library

ScaLAPACK requires an environment module

In order to use ScaLAPACK, you must first load the appropriate environment module:

module load gnu openmpi

ScaLAPACK is one of the numerical linear algebra libraries available on RCC systems. It is a high-performance numerical linear algebra library designed for use on distributed memory systems. The library contains routines to solve all types of matrices including dense and banded systems and has algorithms to solve some of the core problems in linear algebra such as eigenvalue problems, least squares and singular value problems among others.

Using ScaLAPACK on RCC Resources#

To compile and run programs with ScaLAPACK using GNU's OpenMPI, run the following commands, replacing YOURSCRIPT with the name of your script file:

module load gnu openmpi
mpifort -o EXECUTABLENAME YOURFILE.f /opt/rcc/gnu/openmpi/lib64/