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We welcome contributions to this software catalog. Our documentation is managed in a public GIT repository hosted on Bitbucket (see the link in the upper right-hand corner of this site).


This page describes how to contribute to the software documentation. For software installation requests, please contact us.

If you are interested in contributing to this documentation, please follow these steps:

  1. Fork the repository from our source repository (click on the link in the upper right-hand corner of this website).
  2. Clone the repository to your workstation.
  3. Write your contribution to the software documentation:
    1. Refer to the in the repository source file for details about general site structure and contribution guidelines.
    2. Add your documentation page to nav section in the mkdocs.yml file.
  4. Push your changes to your cloned repository.
  5. Create a Pull Request, and somebody on the RCC Staff will evaluate your changes.

Page layout#

title: My Software Package
template: sw_doc.html
description: Brief one or two-sentence summary of software.
tags: ['Applications and Tools'] #refer to category list below
version: 3.10
modules: # This can also be a string if we only support a single version of the software
    - gnu mypackage
    - gnu mypackage/15
    - gnu mypackage/16 
type: platform or package (refer to the metadata reference below)

My software package is the best because it is awesome.

Metadata reference#

Below is a general reference for the metadata section of the software pages:

Field Type Required Description
title String Yes The title of the software package
template String Yes Always sw_doc.html
description String Recommended A brief-one or two sentence summary of what the software does
tags String or Array Recommended Enter a category from the list below
version String Recommended Enter the version(s) installed on the HPC (multiple versions should be separated by commas)
website String Recommended Enter a valid URL to the documentation or home page for the software package
modules String or Array If applicable If environment modules are needed, indicate that in this field; e.g., gnu openmpi (it's best to stick with default versions and if there are multiple versions, use the module-variant: true field)
type String If applicable If this is a platform (e.g. compiler or MPI environment), use platform; for everything else, omit this field or enter package

Category list#

Use the tags metadata attribute to assign the package to one or more categories (see example above).

Category (tag) Description
Applications and Tools Most packages that can be invoked from the command line fall under this category
Libraries Most packages that are available for custom code fall under this category
Interpreters and Compilers Base-level stuff (e.g., GNU and Intel compilers, Julia, OpenMPI, etc.)
Python Anything in the Python Ecosystem (e.g., Anaconda, Conda, mpi4py, etc.)
R Anything in the R Statistical Software Ecosystem