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An API for the HDF5 Data Format for Python

h5py requires an environment module

In order to use h5py, you must first load the appropriate environment module:

module load gnu openmpi anaconda3.8.3

h5py is one of three HDF packages available on RCC systems:

h5py is a Python interface for the HDF5 data format for storing, handling and working with extremely large data sets. It is built on the C version of the HDF5 library but wrapped with Cython to provide a fast and efficient binding to the Python programming language. The interface is capable of doing nearly everything with HDF5 in Python that would normally be possible with other bindings like C.

Using h5py on RCC Resources#

Using h5py is very simple as it is a native Python binding for the HDF5 API. It requires an Anaconda Python module, the gnu module and, optionally, the openmpi module.

The process for running h5py on RCC resources is as follows:

module load gnu openmpi anaconda3.8.3
>> import h5py