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Slurm Account list

When you submit a job to the HPC, it must run under a Slurm Account1. If you do not specify an account, it will default to the genacc_q Slurm Account.

Several Slurm Accounts are general access resources, which means anybody with an RCC user account can submit jobs to them.

Other Slurm Accounts are owner based. These are available only to research groups that have purchased dedicated resources on our system.

See what Slurm Accounts you have access to#

From the shell on one of our login nodes, use the rcctool command to see which accounts you have access to:

$ rcctool my:account

To see all the Slurm Accounts available both generally and to specific research groups, use the following rcctool command:

$ rcctool my:queues --all

General access Slurm accounts#

Below is a list of the general access Slurm Accounts with some relevant information.

Slurm Account Default Runtime Max Runtime Max CPU Cores/Job Max Jobs/User Max Running Jobs/User
genacc_q 14 days 14 days 400 100 100
backfill 4 hours 4 hours 512 100 100
backfill2 4 hours 4 hours 512 100 100
condor 14 days 90 days 8 100 100
quicktest 10 minutes 10 minutes 8 2 1

For full details about Slurm accounts, refer to our self-service portal.

  1. Slurm Accounts are also known as partitions. Some HPC centers refer to them as queues. Regardless, all three terms are synonymous.