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Datacenter Overview

Servers require a lot of maintenance. Let RCC manage the logistics of hosting and maintenance.

Sliger Data Center Facts:

  • Location - The Sliger Data Center is located in Innovation Park. The facility was recently renovated in 2021-2022.
  • Cooling - The Data Center is cooled by two RTAA 125-Ton Air Cooled Rotary Liquid Chillers, with interior cumulative 120-Ton Computer Room Air Conditioning Units (CRACs).
  • Power - The Data Center is supported by 3-Phase City of Tallahassee Power and a 500 KW Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). The entire Building is supported by a 750 KW Cummins Generator, and a 3,000 gallon diesel fuel tank.
  • Monitoring - The Sliger Data Center is passively monitored all the time. Procedures and support personnel are in place to respond to alerts and alarms.
  • Security - Research Computing Center's customers are provided with FSUCard access to the Data Center.

We offer three hosting options in our data center:

  • CoLo West
    • RCC staff manage servers.
    • You must contact RCC support for software upgrades.
    • Appropriate for customers who want as little hands-on hardware maintenance as possible.
  • CoLo East
    • Customers manage servers.
    • Uplinks are managed by ITS Network Core Technologies.
    • Appropriate for customers with a few servers, but not a complete rack.
  • CoLo North
    • Customers manage servers.
    • Appropriate for customers with full racks.

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