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A highly scalable MPI implementation for high-end computer systems

MVAPICH2 requires an environment module

In order to use MVAPICH2, you must first load the appropriate environment module:

module load intel mvapich2

MVAPICH2 is an implementation of MPI (Message Passing Interface) for use with several different network architectures including InfiniBand, OmniPath, Ethernet and RoCE. It is designed to be highly scalable and very fault-tolerant, which makes it ideal for use with high-end computer systems such as the HPC.

Using MVAPICH2 on RCC resources#

There are two different implementations of MVAPICH2 available on the HPC. One is compiled for Intel and the other for GNU GCC:


$ module load intel mvapich2


$ module load gnu mvapich2

For usage details, refer to the vendor's documentation.