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Getting Help

Our goal is to provide comprehensive, useful, and up-to-date documentation for users of our services. To that end, this site contains a set of guides, how-tos, and reference materials. If you are looking for more general information about what the RCC offers, refer to our services pages.

Have you searched our documentation yet?#

We recommend searching this site before submitting a support request. Just type in whatever you need help with in the upper-right corner of this site.


You can type the / (forward slash) key to search.

Email support#

You can reach us anytime by sending an email to This address creates a ticket in our support tracking system.

Our system will send an automated message to acknowledge receipt of your request upon submission.

In-person support#

For in-depth assistance, we offer in-person support on a per-request basis. If you're interested in meeting with us for technical support, grant writing assistance, or just to chat about our systems, we invite you to request an appointment.

Simply submit a support case to our support tracking system to get started with scheduling an appointment.

Learning resources#

Head over to the learning section of our website to see a round-up of our learning materials.

Last update: December 6, 2022