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RCC User Accounts

To use any RCC resources or to sponsor people who use them, you must first sign up for an RCC User Account on our self-service web portal.

General Account Information#

Anybody can activate an RCC User Account, which provides access to the HPC and storage resources.

Students, staff, and outside collaborators#

If you are an FSU student, staff member, or not affiliated (employed or enrolled) with FSU, you can create an RCC user account provided that you are sponsored by a current faculty member. You must select a faculty sponsor during account activation, and that person must explicitly approve your request. Refer to our user account policy for more details.


If you are a currently employed FSU faculty member, you can create an RCC user account immediately with no approval required. Additionally, you may sponsor non-faculty users.

Outside Collaborator Signup Workflow#

If you are not affiliated with FSU (i.e. you do not have an FSUID), you will need to select a faculty sponsor for both your guest FSUID and your RCC user account. These are two separate accounts. You will use your FSUID to access the VPN from off-campus, and you will use your RCC user account to access our resources.

Follow the procedure below with your FSU faculty collaborator:

  1. Your faculty collaborator will need to submit a case to the FSU Service Center with the following information:
    • Your name and email address
    • A statement indicating that you need access to the VPN in order to use the HPC and/or RCC storage.
    • The faculty sponsor must be the one who submits this request. For more details, refer to the guest FSUID creation documentation.
  2. You will receive a follow-up email once your sponsor approves your request. Follow the instructions provided by the FSUID service desk to create your Guest FSUID.
  3. Once you have obtained your Guest FSUID and set the password, login to the RCC self-service portal with your FSUID credentials and follow the on-screen prompts to activate your RCC user account.

Managing your RCC user account#

You can update your email, password, preferred shell, and other account settings using our self-service web portal.

Additionally, our self-service web portal allows you to manage any resources that you own on our systems, and to request access to any resources (Slurm Accounts, queues, groups, etc).

You can also use the rcctool on the command line to view your account information:

$ rcctool my:account


We use POSIX groups to manage shared resources on the cluster. Groups connect users to resources, such as Slurm Accounts and storage volumes.

Users can access resources via group membership.

Users can access resources via group membership.

The genacc group#

All users are automatically enrolled in the General Access group (genacc). This group provides access to resources that are freely available on our system. These include general access Slurm Accounts and several storage volumes.

Account troubleshooting and FAQs#

If you are having trouble with your account, refer to the following common scenarios. If none of these match your issue, please submit a support request.

Account expired, not active, or locked

Visit the self-service web portal to view your account status. We generally lock your account if your sponsor has not renewed your approval in the past year, but accounts maybe be locked for a variety of reasons

Forgotten password

You can easily reset your password via our self-service web portal.

Cannot connect to servers

Are you off-campus? If so, you will need to use the FSU VPN to connect to RCC systems. Refer to our VPN guide. If you are on campus, and still cannot connect, please let us know.

Unable to access shared storage or path

Are you enrolled in the appropriate user group? Most volumes in /gpfs/research require enrollment in groups. You can request access to specific groups through our self-service web portal.

Last update: February 16, 2023